Stand Up And Love! Fieldlyfe BreezyB!  2019 L.E.A.D3 Camp Sponsor!

L.E.A.D3 Foundation Athletic Summer Camp Program!  Contact Us for more information on upcoming Events & Summer Camps!

L.E.A.D3 Camp! (Memories) Fieldlyfe BreezyB! 

L.E.A.D3 Camp 2020! Loving Life! Fieldlyfe BreezyB! A Wyshmaster beat

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L.E.A.D3 Foundation 

L.E.A.D3 Camp & Community Outreaches (Charities)

L.E.A.D3 Foundation Hosted a couple community outreaches within the past 5 years. Our youth learned how to excel with athletic fundamentals. Key targeted goals is:

To implement the 3 D's of L.E.A.D3. This will greatly help to keep our youth of the streets & making bad decision. Joining L.E.A.D3 Camp programs opens the door for them to broaden their perspectives. Our Coaches & volunteers are life-changing influencers to help them to think outside of the box with an, "I Can Do" Mindset. 

Our youth learn how to push forward to achieve their dreams & ambitions with DEVELOPMENT, DETERMINATION & DEDICATION,.  All L.E.A.D3 Camp youth also learn core values as they go out in support to our local & surrounding communities with charitable outreaches,  giving back to those in need. 

Take a Look at some of our camps & outreaches below!!!

L.E.A.D3 Camp 2022! Loving Life! Fieldlyfe Breezyb!

Stand up And Love: Fieldlyfe BreezyB! 2019 L.E.A.D3 Camp Sponor!

L.E.A.D3 Camp 2020! Fieldlyfe BreezyB!