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Schizo Sherman 

L.E.A.D3 Foundation Team

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L.E.A.D3 Foundation

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DJ Rush 

DJ Rush Does the music for all our outdoor sporting, community and charity events.

Schizo Sherman is the Founder/CEO of the L.E.A.D 3 Foundation. 

Schizo Sherman is a man full of Athletic gifts. In the past, Schizo played Pro-football signed as an Free Agent for the Atlanta Falcons.  Thereafter, Schizo was sent overseas to play in the American Professional European League in Germany.

Schizo Serman Serviced as an Athletic Football Coach at Providence HS & South Meck HS in Charlotte NC. 

Schizo Sherman have a passion for athletic sports. Schizo also played basketball, baseball & more.   He took his passion & zeal for sports to another level when he started his Non-Profit Organization.  L.E.A.D3 Foundation 5 Years ago.  He hosted many charities, Summer camps & community outreach programs.  

Schizo Sherman have upcoming events Starting July 29th 2023. Contact us today for more info!

Schizo Shreman